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What Do You Know?

We make decisions using the information we have at the time. That is true with any decision we make. Whether a business decision or a personal decision that simple fact applies.

Ethan makes decision on the information he has.

Consider all the facts and verify the information before you decide. Decisions based on incomplete information will lead to a finial product or service with gaps, clear errors, or flaws and more importantly you will not like the end results.

When do you know when you have enough information?

Think about the answer to this question. “What do you want for dinner” Well, the answer generally ends with “I do not know. What do you want?” This goes back and forth until finally someone makes a decision and sadly the response is “No I Do Not Want That’”. Then the process begins anew and often ends with a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

My suggestion is to follow the advice of Bob Newhart and STOP THAT and say what you are thinking. Check out his famous video on You Tube.

We all have something in mind that we like of do not like. Just say what you are thinking and make a suggestion. If not accepted they must give a suggestion. If you want to fix this you cannot be idle. If that does not work, I suggest you go to a counselor.

But I would like to address your decisions regarding design and printing that I may be able to help.

Step one is of course spending time reviewing what you want to accomplish and what your objectives for your company are. Get a clear definition of your direction. Nothing confuses customers more than a constant steam of new messages and new directions. As you determine your objectives, consider these important aspects of the decision: Results, Resources, Restrictions. Each of these elements are crucial to the decision. We can assist you with establishing or reviewing your Vision, Values, and Techniques.

Step Two is once we help you establish your direction or develop an understanding of your current clear objectives; we decide how to communicate that message.

Sharing your message begins with your sign and logo and continues as people approach and enter your store. There is no need to tell people your values because they need to see it in action. People remember 90% of what they see, and this especially applies to your place of business.

Step Three applies to the actual sources of information you would like to share. Today the choices are many and varied, but we can assist you choosing those decisions.

Generally, the best method is a balanced and blended plan targeted on you and your business needs. If you are all in on social media and Instagram, you have missed a huge potential market. Some people still listens to vinyl records, while others listen to only listen to digital music.

To ensure you reach them all, you need a balanced plan.

You may of look trendy on the web, but some people get their information by printed documents. You can load business cards on your cell phone and just pass them electronically but think what you miss. Business is all about connections and handing a prospective client or contact a business card while you look in their eyes creates a create first impression.

Nothing bad about electronic business cards but understand some people do not know how to utilize them. Your business card must we designed to be electronic. The camera and the program you are using must be able to translate the information on your card. We can help you be successful with this effort. As I scan cards to my iPhone, some cards must hand entered. These are generally cards with busy backgrounds, low contrast, or weak letter formation.

Step Four is the most difficult goal to achieve for some. Selecting the best printer. Absolute Design and Print wants to be your printer and develop a long-term relationship with you.

We can do that through creative designs, affordable pricing, fast turnaround, and meeting your expectations.

Remember, People make decision about your business by the information they have. We can help you communicate the right information about your business.

Why not give Absolute Design and Print a try? You will be glad you did.


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