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Yes, You can make your own,

but I is it Worth it?

The Headaches, and the frustration.

We are a Wix Partner, and can help you with setting up your new Wix website.

Wix hosting options available, to maximize you web presents.

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Why Hire Absolute as Your Wix Partner?

No Experience Needed.

Absolute has the experience in getting your website up and running quickly, without learning a new program. From Design to Creation, Absolute Design and Print, Inc. get your website up listed in search engines quickly. Don't spend your time to figure out technical issues or problems that may be causing you site from not getting published on the WIX platform.

Get Access to a WIX partner Network.

Absolute is  linked to additional WIX partners, and priority customer support to get issues and difficult questions answered and find the solution that work toward the final goal.

Initial Website Setup.

Basic website design is between $350.00 and 650.00 for Info Sites. Pricing depends on number of pages, products that is on your website.  This does not include the WIX hosting. We can setup your company with a wix hosting account bill you monthly or annually. If you have a WIX website already, you can made us a contributor, and we can make changes without interrupting your website. Monthly accounts are billed higher than paying annually.

You Have Control.

After the initial setup, you are given the permission to become a contributor. You are able to log in to your website and make corrections, change photos and any other alterations that you would like to do. There are several pricing plans that are available depending on your involvement with changing the website.

All You

This plan is the best option if you want to do it all yourself with little guidance or help. Billed out by the hour. $40.00 per hour of work only when you need us. No agreement needed.

Some of the Time

This pre-purchases 4 hours of time a month to work on any corrections you may have to your website. You can still work on it, but you can send us photos, corrections and we will get it done, within a couple of days. Price of this plan is $120.00 which averages to $30.00 per hour. (6 month agreement)

All of the Time

Don't have any time to work on your website, or post to your Facebook account. This includes at least 8 hours of time, not only for website, but for other projects. So design an ad for a local magazine, we will do that. Need a new design for your letterhead, that would be included to. On this plan you would also receive 10% off our other services that we offer. Price of this Plan i s $200.00 per month with averages to $25.00 per hour for graphic design and website. This also requires a 6 month agreement.


Our Why Wix Story.

Absolute Design and Print, Inc. has been working with creating website for our print customers for over 15 years. Our first websites were setup in Adobe DreamWeaver, Which we took several classes in coding. It was difficult in keeping up with coding standards with the changing technologies. Then Adobe Muse came a long, It was a user friendly alternative for designers, to create websites faster, without having to code pages. This was our go to program for all websites that we designed from 2015 to it being discontinued in 2019. The only drawback to Adobe Muse was the customer interface to make changes to the site. More an more clients wanted to take control of their website after the initial design. But, with Muse being discontinued, Absolute looked for a customer friendly software, which they could learn easily once the initial design was finished. 

Website Samples

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