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Well it is Here or almost!

About 9 months ago the family gathered around the table and decided we needed to add a member to the family. We thought long and hard about the new addition and thought "could it be beneficial to them and us." A lot of responsibility as you add a member". We ordered one from China. We wanted one from the USA but could not locate the WRIGHT one.

As we waited, the new member was delayed because of various reasons. Will it arrive? We made furniture for its room and made sure all the support roles were established and ready to go and even planned how we would act. We installed the baby cam so we can watch

Then we get good news, it has arrived in LA and was on its way and will arrive on the 13th. We made sure the transportation was right to ensure its safety.

Cannot wait for the delivery. Stay tuned and will tell you more when we know more.


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