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Often when getting word files from customers for use in documents and documents. When we import the file into CorelDraw or In-Design, we discover that most people are spacers. What is a spacer? It is the person who sits there and hits space key align text for forms and list. They want to make the word file as pretty as possible.

Our advice to all of our clients, is don't make it look pretty, That is our job. So when supplying text that we need to format, let us format. One tab between list is fine. It takes a typesetter less time to adjust tabs than to delete all the spaces in the supplied file and then assign tabs.

It took me a couple of years of typesetting to figure out the advantages of setting up tabs. By setting up tabs when creating a document you can control the spacing easier than going to each line and hitting space.

Use the link below from Microsoft to learn how to setup tabs in your document. You will be impressed with the amount of time saved from hitting spaces to align forms and list.


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