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Our First Radio Spot.

So when I think of being on the radio. A uncomfortable feeling comes over me. I have only been on the radio once before and it went OK , but I just could not get comfortable sitting in front of the mic. It was OK, not something that I want to do a lot.

Then my dad met Clyde from 1350 biz radio, he offered my dad to do a 30 min interview on the radio, for free. So not really wanting to because of our first time on the radio, I agreed to do the interview with my dad.

So October 17th came, and off we went to do the interview. That is where we met Matt. When we first met Matt at the radio station he tried to make us feel at ease about being on the radio, The main difference was the first time on the radio we had a rough scrip that we were going to discuss, but on this interview with Matt he did't want a outline to go by. We got on air and he started a conversation on the air. It was just a conversation like every other business person talking about the business and what we have done and will do to keep the business going. Next thing I know he stopped for a commercial break, and Matt told us that we had just talked for 20 mins. Dad and I looked at each other an had no Idea that it had been that long, so after the commercial we started the interview again, and once more before you knew it we had finished.

So if you ever want to promote your business and discuss what you can do for other people I do recommend getting in touch with Clyde at   

516-429-5570 or email and he can get you started.

Here is the link to the pod cast of the radio interview.


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