Introduced by a Card. Your First Impression

As I hand someone a business card, he is reaching in his pocket to pull out a phone to scan your card to put your information into his phone. With this done, the chances that your card will have a very important part of degrading into usable compost. But don't think printing that card was in vain.

Business cards have become more disposable, but still as important as ever. Design of a business card is more important as ever, if you have a hard time reading them, then the optical card scanner will have a hard time reading to. So when you design a card, use a readable font that is large enough to read, stay away from Script fonts or graphically centered fonts. A good tip when designing you card. Squint slightly and check to see if you can ready. You don't want to miss an import sale because someone forgot their glasses and can read your contact information.

If you feel that you need a crazy graphic centered card then, produce another card to hand out for people that are outside of you circle. You can have a plain inexpensive one color card with the basic information, People appreciate if a soon to be vendor or client takes the time to create a card that is readable. Then you can share you graphically charged version, to show sample of you work or show a little of you creative side. If 2 cards are not desired, then print on the back side, reserve that side to just information about your information.

So when planning you next printing of your business card, Choose a printer that can work with you to create a business card that is personal to you business that is legible.

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